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Electro-Sonic DF Mobile Device

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This handheld device combines two sophisticated technologies, low frequency sonophoresis (sound waves) and pulsed iontophoresis (electric current) designed to be used with specific Environ products to help deliver more essential nutrients to where the skin needs them most, making a lasting difference to the appearance of your skin.



This technology is contraindicated for the following conditions:

  1. Pacemakers and electronic implants of all kinds
  2. Pregnant or lactating women
  3. Epilepsy
  4. Open cuts & abrasions in the treatment area
  5. Cold sores (Herpes simplex type 1) and ulcers
  6. Metallic implants of the face
  7. Botulinum Toxin treatment and Dermal Fillers: A two week waiting period is recommended to avoid affecting their placement